donderdag 4 april 2013

Exhibition Dutch Treat in Berlin

D(e)utch Treat.  22 artists based in Berlin and/or Netherlands, working in the area of non-objective and abstract art. 

The circle of exhibitors is defined by two brackets, one of location and one of content. Almost all participants live and work in Berlin or have lived or worked in there, or they now live in the Netherlands but maintain connections with Berlin. The exhibition focuses on the strong visual character of the artworks and their positions in relation to abstraction, non-objective or formalistic art of the classical modern and neo-avant-garde, from Constructivism to Colour Field paintings, and in other ways to more recent developments that could be called neo-formalism. 

Participating artists:
Bernd Trasberger, Tonneke Sengers, Aquil Copier, Martijn Schuppers, Fiene Scharp, Jan van der Ploeg, Jan Robert Leegte, Ditty Ketting, Maarten Janssen, Jeroen Jacobs, John Hodany, Ab van Hanegem, Jasper van der Graaf, Daniel Göttin, Hadassah Emmerich, Koen Delaere, DAG, Sebastian Dacey, Rene van den Bos, Ronald de Bloeme, Geeske Bijker, Linda Arts.

20-04-2013 t/m 12-05-2013

DADA POST. Nordbahnstraße 10,

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