dinsdag 23 september 2014

De Onconventionele Atlas van Amsterdam

De Onconventionele Atlas van Amsterdam, a big artist book (70x50cm). 
Even though inspired by Amsterdam geography, this atlas activate in the spectators a process of imagination more than of recognizeable maps or existing places in the city. The work indirectly comments on the status and function of an atlas. Other than an object consulted to find precise position of streets, this new Atlas suggests seeking location or place as a process of personal associations, where individual knowledge, memory and desires are intimately intermingled. It speaks of personal imagination and emotional travels, experiencing or percieving a place or city, over objectivity and geographical coordinates. 

48 pages are painted by Aquil Copier and 15 pages are reinterpreted by the artists: Joanneke Meester, Marjolijn de Wit and Dieuwke Spaans.

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