dinsdag 9 juli 2013

Momart.nl is online

Welcome to momart.nl, the online platform for independent artists and those who are interested in them. After months of hard work, our first edition of selected artists is now online. This platform is one of the two planes in which momart will exist. Here, we offer the possibility to independent and talented artists to show not only their work, but also their progress and growth. As a reader, you will get insights in the artist’s work, in their education and the exhibitions they’ve held. By posting news items, we hope to create an ongoing flow of information about the artist you are interested in.

The artists we have selected will be presented within a larger group. This way a distinctive feeling amongst an artist’s work can be created and they can easily keep in touch with the audience. Each artist page offers the possibility to get in touch with the artist whose work you like the most. In the future, we will also organize collective exhibitions and art shows. With the platform and the presentations we like to mend the world of the artist and the public: this way, a relevant network can be created, work can be sold and collaboration between artists can come to life. Our main goal? To stimulate independent and promising artists within the world of art, so that they can develop themselves, without being attached to a binding contract. 

Participating artists: 
Alex Winters, Elian Somers, Aquil Copier, Oscar Lourens, Esther de Graaf, Ruth van Beek, Kristine Hymøller, Lev Ilizirov, Maurice Bogaert, Natalia Ossef, Theun Govers, Ghislain Amar, Isabel Cordeiro, Maarten Sleeuwits, Sjoerd Westbroek, Lydia Weijers, Aldwin van der Ven, Aram Tanis, Suzanne van Rest, Thijs Ebbe Fokkens, Melanie Matthieu en GeirthrudurFinnbogadottir.


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