woensdag 10 november 2010



Challenging the Myth of the Painter is a group exhibition of 20 painters connected with Unfold faves and companions, PRESENTeert. Founded in 2009 by painter Aquil Copier, PRESENTeert began as a platform for painters to highlight their dissertations, ramblings and manifestos. Inspired by the history and concept of artists’ writings, Copier invites painters to express themselves in written form – to use writing, as well as their art, to communicate. To examine the relation between their visual and textual practice.

The idea for this exhibition is a simple one: you've read the rants and reasons, now come see the art.

In the exhibition, new and old works of the painters are displayed floor to ceiling. They literally fill the space. In a dizzying range of style and technique, ranging from abstract to figurative, from simple and effective to complex and ambitious, this show gives a fantastic overview of painting today. More immediately evident is the range and talent of artists and painters working in the Netherlands at the moment.

Featured in the exhibition are Niels Broszat, Aquil Copier, Sander van Deurzen, Iris Frerichs, Gijs Frieling, Menso Groeneveld, Iva Gueorguieva, Paul Haworth, Michiel Hogenboom, V&B (Alex Jacobs and Ellemieke Schoenmaker), Stefan Kasper, Aukje Koks, Maaike van der Linden, Peter Luining, Mischa Rakier, Simon Schrikker, Jeroen Vrijsen, Reinoud van Vught, Marjolijn de Wit and Michiel van der Zanden.

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