vrijdag 18 september 2009

The Importancy of the unimportant'@Hudson Museum

'The Importancy of the unimportant'

(borders, transparancy and decay in contemporary art,design and graffiti)

The exhibition will be from 20 september until 30 november 2009, at the Hudson

Museum in Rotterdam, wich is owned by the Art Rock Foundation

(http://www.art-rock.nl/) at the Hudsonstraat 61 and 59 (with support

by The Green Skirt), Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Organised by guest curator Simon Schrikker

We are making a catalogue, with text by Sandra Smets http://www.sandrasmets.nl/

wich will be released 20 november at the Singer Sweat Shop in

Rotterdam http://www.singersweatshop.nl/site/

Including a big screen slide presentation of the exhibition, the catalogue and

alcohol.. The catalogue is generously sponsored by the CBK in Rotterdam

The exhibition will show the work of the following artists:aq

Carel van Hees http://www.carelvanhees.nl

Erwin Thomassen http://www.powerblastmovement.com/

MACHINE http://www.ourmachine.com

Olivier Kosta Thefaine http://olivierkostathefaine.com/

Harmen de Hoop http://www.harmendehoop.com/

Daan Botlek http://www.botlek.net/

Olphaert den Otter http://www.olphaertdenotter.nl

Bert Frings http://www.bertfrings.nl

Niels Post http://www.nielspost.nl

Aquil Copier http://www.aquilcopier.nl

Emo verkerk http://www.emoverkerk.nl

Henny Overbeek http://www.alicebxl.com/1564.0.html

Allard Zoetman http://www.allardzoetman.nl/

Eric jan van der Geer http://www.ericjanvandegeer.nl

David KmC Moir http://www.davidmoir.nl

Simon Schrikker: http:www.simonschrikker.com

Michiel van der Zanden http://www.michielvanderzanden.nl/

Delta http://www.deltainc.nl

Honet http://hnteuropa.free.fr/

Poch http://poch.production.free.fr/


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