zaterdag 16 november 2013

Imagined, Virtualized and Possible for Real

Project in public space with google Earth clickable icons spraypainted on the street. Often on locations where my work is in an exhibition or at random in the city of Amsterdam on various locations... This is an ongoing project. The work is spraypainted with pigment spray, a chalk kind of paint, so it will disappear after some rain.

The artwork will be visible in Google Earth at the location where the artwork is sprayed in the street. The project will disappear after a while but will proceed for ever in virtual space. Later the precise GE location will be published here...

Couchsurfers and A-boys

Jabu Arnell presents: 
Couch Surfers and A-boys

16th or 17th of november 2013 
Tweede Jan van der Heijdenstraat 61 - 1 hoog, in Amsterdam, 
19.00 till 19.00 hrs…:

My work is called: 
Imagined, Virtualized and Possible for Real. 
This work consist out of Google Earth icons, spray painted on the street as an ongoing project. 

To Masz Chodnik, Hell Der, Pierrick Ferjani, Alessandro Garino, Peter-Jhon Gordon, Marcin Iksiński, Quentin Laurent, Cleice Maria, Matko Pavlovic, Paulo Pinheiro, Rainbow, Krešo Reiner, Juan Camilo Riaño, Dario Švenda, Lucas Travaglini 

Roi Alter, Jabu Arnell , Marcel van den Berg , Anna de Boer, Aquil Copier, Roel de Boer, Dineo Seshee Bopape, Kno'Ledge Cesare, Francois Dey, Astrid van Dort, Robert Dupic, Christian Echenique, ENKA, Jose Flores, Neil Fortune, Eugen Georg, Jean-Paul Goude, Erik de Hart, Jimini Hignett, Ismael Imansoerad, Grace Jones, Ferry Jong, Patricia Kaersenhout, Iris Kensmil, Maritt Serena Kuipers, Sebastian De Line, Stefano Loiacono, Dwight Marica, Carlos Antonio Mattos a.k.a. Tantao, Joanneke Meester, Bjorn Nussbache, Mike Ottink, Jasmin Pec, Jane Porter, Ian de Ruijter, Rosalie Ravensteijn, Mirdije Sheji, Nina Simone, Lisa Smithson, Nathalie Snel, Eva Thomassen, Els Titulae, Izaak Zwartjes 

Imagined, virtualized and possible for real.

Left: Iris Kensmil, right: Aquil Copier
Thank you for your visit!!! by Joanneke Meester

donderdag 7 november 2013

Publication: A Treatise on Painting @ FMI Masters 2013

Students MFA Painting of Frank Mohr International Masters write around painting... This publication was developed as part of the MFA painting program of FMI Masters. The students had to write about a topic that has to do with their artistic practice in relation to painting. 

Contributions by: 
Tom Trickett, Christiaan Drost, Bo Kim, Antonis Stoantzikis, Summer Yoon and Huub Vlemmings.

Concept, design and tutor of the project: Aquil Copier.
© 2013 Frank Mohr International Masters Minerva Art Academy
 Hanze University Groningen of Applied Sciences

dinsdag 5 november 2013

Auction at Hermitage Amsterdam

During the Museum-night 2013 in Amsterdam my work was auctioned at museum the Hermitage. The auction was organized by Annelien Kers (owner of Kers Gallery Amsterdam). 


maandag 4 november 2013

The Most Ugliest Painting in the World / Het Lelijkste Schilderij Ter Wereld (HLSTW)

Project in which eight painters are asked to paint in reaction on a text about The Most Ugliest Painting in the World. The text on which I had to react was written by Thomas van Aalten.

Participating Writers: AHJ Dautzenberg, Jan van Mersbergen, Michiel Eijsbouts, Lucas Hirsch, Nyk de Vries, Thomas van Aalten, Özcan Akyol en Joubert Pignon.

Painters: Aquil Copier, Sander van Deurzen, Pascal van der Graaf, Joncquil, Giel Louws, Mari Stoel, V&B (Alex Jacobs & Ellemieke Schoenmaker) en Bas Zoontjens.

This project is developed by Horizonverticaal in Haarlem.

vrijdag 1 november 2013