zaterdag 26 september 2009

website about research on Urban planning and culture

website on Art and Cartography

This web site is dedicated to the Working Group on Art & Cartography. This working group, which is part of the International Cartographic Association (ICA), has been created in August 2008 to explore the increasing relations between art and cartography, and to stimulate new forms of interaction.

The goal of this web site is to provide an environment in which artists, researchers, architects, cartographers and citizen in general can have access to different sources of information related to the interaction between art & cartography.

No Tears magazine: LOST PARADISE

NO TEARS magazine is a submission driven art & illustration magazine. Every 2- 3 months artists and designers present themselves in the magazine, featuring work that is of high quality but little known amongst a wider audience. It is a colorfoul mix of illustrations, street art, and photography, with a wide variety of angles, themes and styles. NO TEARS sees itself as a platform for promoting worldwide contemporary art and encouraging networking with it.

LOST PARADISE / Featured artists: Morgan Craig, Alnis Stakle, Louise Thomas, Sejma Prodanovic, Bianca Van Baast, Michelle Valenton, Aquil Copier, Maja Obradovic, Melissa Steckbauer, and Jesse Thompson.

see the pdf:

vrijdag 18 september 2009

The Importancy of the unimportant'@Hudson Museum

'The Importancy of the unimportant'

(borders, transparancy and decay in contemporary art,design and graffiti)

The exhibition will be from 20 september until 30 november 2009, at the Hudson

Museum in Rotterdam, wich is owned by the Art Rock Foundation

( at the Hudsonstraat 61 and 59 (with support

by The Green Skirt), Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Organised by guest curator Simon Schrikker

We are making a catalogue, with text by Sandra Smets

wich will be released 20 november at the Singer Sweat Shop in


Including a big screen slide presentation of the exhibition, the catalogue and

alcohol.. The catalogue is generously sponsored by the CBK in Rotterdam

The exhibition will show the work of the following artists:aq

Carel van Hees

Erwin Thomassen


Olivier Kosta Thefaine

Harmen de Hoop

Daan Botlek

Olphaert den Otter

Bert Frings

Niels Post

Aquil Copier

Emo verkerk

Henny Overbeek

Allard Zoetman

Eric jan van der Geer

David KmC Moir

Simon Schrikker:

Michiel van der Zanden





dinsdag 1 september 2009

new painting presented as photo

Painting versus Digital media, and vice versa.
Photoprint on dibond, 50x50cm.
What do you see?